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Article: What Colour Handbag Goes With Everything?

The Mila Handbag

What Colour Handbag Goes With Everything?

It can be quite tricky to decide what colour to choose for your brand-new handbag when there are so many stylish options available to you in a variety of different colours and styles. By choosing a colour that coordinates with everything, you will add a timeless staple to your wardrobe. You could opt for a leather handbag with a classic silhouette for the ultimate accessory to go with every outfit, or perhaps a large tote bag, or a crossbody handbag

No matter the style of handbag you choose, picking the perfect colour for you is ultra-important to ensure that your new bag is a great staple for every occasion. It is important that your new staple handbag is comfortable to wear and spacious enough to accommodate your everyday essentials with ease. Additionally, if you select the right colour, your new staple handbag will quickly become your favourite accessory to wear with each of your outfit combinations. 

You may be wondering how to choose which colour handbag is best for you, and which will go with everything in your wardrobe. So, we're going to look at the best handbag colours for every colour palette.

Choose A Black Handbag

When it comes to a staple handbag, opting for black is a timeless choice. It looks classy and sophisticated, and it will go effortlessly with the majority of your wardrobe. If you need a bag for every occasion, you can’t go wrong with choosing a black handbag. One of the most attractive characteristics of a black leather handbag is how the colour is complementary to any colour of clothing. So, you’re guaranteed to grab your favourite black handbag every day, no matter the outfit you are wearing.

Choosing a black handbag is a great choice for everyday wear, and a black handbag, such as a timeless camera bag, can take your look from day to night reliably, making it the perfect choice for a daily staple accessory.

Choose A Metallic Handbag

Opting for a metallic handbag is a top tip for elevating your everyday look. The addition of a metallic accessory is guaranteed to make a great outfit even more stylish and throwing a metallic-coloured handbag over your shoulder will bring your look together, and recreate even the most basic of outfits.

If you’re unsure which metallic colour to choose when browsing for your new handbag, consider your favourite colour of jewellery. Do you often wear silver earrings, a gold ring, or perhaps a rose gold bracelet? This can help you to decide which metallic handbag will suit your everyday look the most. Browse our top picks for metallic handbags that suit any style of clothing.

They will make for a great addition to many outfits, and gold or silver are colours that go with everything - just like your everyday jewellery!

Choose A White, Stone or Neutral Handbag

If you’re hoping to find a handbag in a colour that goes with everything, yet you are a fan of brighter colours, then opt for a white or stone handbag. As classic and timeless as a black handbag, a new white handbag has the undeniable perk of adding a splash of colour to your latest outfit and brightening up your wardrobe. A large white tote bag, such as The Tori Stone, will make the perfect everyday companion for you, with a lot of space for your daily essentials and in a colour which will complement any outfit.

How To Pick The Best Colour Handbag For You

If you’re still wondering how to choose which colour handbag is best for you, certain colours match different colour palettes. Perhaps you have a lot of grey or dark purple in your wardrobe or a collection of neon clothes. No matter your style, if you are still wondering which colour of handbag will go best with your clothing, we have made a list of the top colours of handbags, and their complimentary colours, so you can choose an accessory that will become a wardrobe staple in no time.

Colour Picker


The colour black suits an array of different colours and is possibly one of the most reliable colours you could choose for your new handbag because it will compliment so much of your wardrobe. 

However, it is popularly paired with smokey grey hues, and a black handbag is perfect for a monochrome moment with a black-and-white outfit for maximum sophistication.


When it comes to metallic colours, you might have a favourite colour of jewellery, or another favourite accessory with silver or gold detailing. If this is the case, opt for a new metallic handbag that suits your favourite accessories, to compliment your outfits to perfection.

White Or Stone

If you’ve opted for a new white handbag, it goes with a lot of different colours. Your white handbag will complement many of your outfit combinations perfectly! If you’d like some inspiration on which colours look great with white, we love powder blues, and beiges too, for a simplistic yet versatile look. 

It is exciting to choose a brand-new handbag, but what is great is knowing what colour handbag would work best for you when you are selecting one. You can add a timeless black leather handbag to your collection or you can upgrade your style with an exciting metallic crossbody bag, either way, you'll have a new accessory to compliment any outfit in a colour that goes with everything in your wardrobe.

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