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Article: The Essential Handbag Guide For Holidays


The Essential Handbag Guide For Holidays

Before you embark on your next adventure, it is often on your to-do list to plan out the perfect outfits for an Insta-worthy trip. We all want to feel comfortable in our clothing when we venture to a new destination, and one of the most important parts of completing an outfit is undeniably a great handbag. They are not only fashionable, but they are super convenient when carrying your essentials on the go. They give you a place to carry your mobile phone, purse, keys, and lipstick, all whilst completing your outfit effortlessly. 

The most exciting part of choosing the perfect handbag is that there is a great choice for every occasion. So, no matter if you’re venturing on a trip in the heat, or a colder retreat, there is a handbag to complete every outfit. 

We’ve created a guide to which are the best handbags to take on each of your seasonal trips, to give your outfit that essential finishing touch.

The Best Handbag For Summer

Destination: Barcelona, Spain

If you’re travelling to Barcelona this summer, you’ll need some fun accessories to keep up with this exciting city. If your dreamy days quickly turn into evenings, you might find yourself dressing in some sleek day-to-night outfits. For Barcelona’s busy days, and bustling nightlife, we think our Tori tote in stone would be the perfect choice.

Barcelona isn’t just renowned for its nightlife. There are a lot of sights to see, from La Sagrada Familia to Park Güell, so make sure you have a stylish handbag and some comfortable shoes to venture across this impressive city.

The Best Handbag For Spring

Destination: Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you’re on your way to Amsterdam in the Spring, we don’t blame you. It is the ultimate destination to start your year on a high. The weather is moderate, perfect for strolling around and seeing the famed tulips, which will be in full bloom throughout April and May. They make for a beautiful backdrop, and you need a beautiful handbag to match. 

When packing for a city break, a great handbag is a definite, to carry your daily essentials. You should pick a colour that will go with an array of your outfits, and one that is convenient to carry and comfortable for when you are on the go. You’ll be visiting some seriously iconic city sights, and when in vibrant Amsterdam, our pick is the Lulu Latte leather handbag.

There is so much to see in the city, and it is the ultimate bag to sling over your trench coat for a cool and casual look. Pair it with a hooded knit set, or a tracksuit under your long coat, with some stylish trainers to create the perfect Spring outfit.

The Best Handbag For Autumn

Destination: Reykjavík, Iceland

If you’re off to Reykjavik, Iceland, for the season of the Northern Lights, you are bound to find great joy in your surroundings. Yet, your surroundings will be a little chilly and warm, layered outfits with your favourite coat are a must. 

The key to enjoying a colder trip is packing for the occasion, so ensure you’ve got your scarf, mittens, and a great handbag, of course. If you’re off on some iconic Icelandic excursions, to a hot spring, or a trip to see the Northern Lights, you will need to take some all-important items with you. Perhaps, a camera, some skin-care essentials, and so on. The perfect accessory for Reykjavík is our Stone Leather Crossbody Bag With Olive Green Arrow Strap - a small crossbody handbag with a practical yet stylish design. If you opt for a darker or neutral colour, it is guaranteed to go with your winter coat and to carry everything you need to experience Reykavík and enjoy your trip.

The Best Handbag For Winter

Destination: Edinburgh, Scotland

The atmosphere of Edinburgh, Scotland is almost unbeatable during the Winter season. They have some fantastic Christmas markets, so you’re guaranteed to get great food, drinks and festive trinkets during your winter holiday. This beautiful city ranks highly for its attractive appearance, and its walkability, so even during the colder weather you’re likely to be on foot exploring Edinburgh. 

A sturdy handbag is guaranteed to be your best bet as you stroll around this Scottish city during the Christmas season. With there being an array of festive sights to see, and great food to eat, you’ll want a handbag that goes with everything in your suitcase, so you can focus on your magical surroundings. We love a statement shoulder bag such as our Padded Woven Leather Crossbody Bag, to make a statement from day to night alongside your wonderful winter wardrobe. 

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