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Article: The Biggest Handbag Trends Of 2023

Apatchy London handbag trends with yellow padded structured bag
handbag trends

The Biggest Handbag Trends Of 2023

As we move further into 2023, it can only mean one thing; new and exciting trends. The world of fashion is a vibrant one, with each year bringing us more and more creative fashion trends and innovative looks. Over the past year, we loved oversized styles, and dark colours, leathers, and the end of 2022 saw an influx of metallics come onto the fashion scene. It is an exciting time for handbag trends. We haven’t stopped seeing oversized handbags paired with showstopping looks, nor have metallics come to an end in the fashion sphere. We think metallic hues have only just gotten started, alongside other big handbag trends incoming in 2023. So, this is what our style experts at Apatchy predict the biggest handbag trends in 2023 to be, and what to shop this year.

Oversized Handbags

We know that oversized styles are only moving from strength to strength. As we go further into 2023, expect to see overstated looks, and that isn’t just for your clothing. Stay on trend by picking out an oversized handbag for your ultimate day-to-day accessory this year. You’ll see more oversized blazer dresses this year, in fact, you’ll see everything oversized. Think chunky shoes and boots, and accessories, including big and spacious handbags. This 2023 trend is a definite win for handbag lovers because nothing combines style and practicality quite like an oversized handbag. You’re guaranteed to be on-trend this year, with an accessory that fits everything you need with ease. 

Our favourite oversized handbag is our Tori Tote. It’s bang-on-trend, and made from authentic leather, perfect to add to your accessories collection. The Tori is a popular pick, due to its ultra-spacious design, not only is it super stylish, but it’s also endlessly convenient, with plenty of room to fit all of your essentials on the go. So, you won’t have to worry about fitting your belongings in your bag for a trip to the office or just a day out running your errands. Opting for the Tori Tote is guaranteed to elevate your outfit effortlessly, and you’ll stay on trend this year with ease by wearing your newest, oversized luxury handbag.

Structured Handbags

Another big trend for 2023 is a structured handbag, for that perfectly put-together look. It’ll make any outfit come together by choosing a handbag with this silhouette, so make sure you have an on-trend structured handbag in your wardrobe this year. At Apatchy London, we know nothing makes a structured handbag silhouette better than sturdy, quality leather. That’s why all of our bags are made from authentic leather, including our top pick for this 2023 handbag trend, The Paddy Bag.

This bag is the ultimate choice for a structured handbag in 2023. It’s a flexible piece, whether you want to elevate your day-to-day look, or add a little something extra to your evening wear, you can count on the Paddy to complete your outfit. It has a structured silhouette with a padded finish which balances out the bag’s proportions perfectly, making it a truly lust-worthy handbag when it comes to this year’s trend of structured bags.

Metallic Handbags

We’re happy to announce that metallics are here to stay in 2023, so we’ll continue to elevate our looks with showstopping metallic accessories. The luxury feel that a metallic handbag brings to your outfit is almost irreplaceable, and 2023 agrees. So, this year we are keeping on-trend metallics. All things shiny are having their moment this year, and we aren’t just keeping them in the festive period. So, even when the sun starts to shine, make sure a trustworthy metallic handbag is your companion with every outfit. Don’t just keep that eye-catching accessory for a night out on the town, every outfit is worthy of a metallic shine, so pick out a luxury metallic handbag and it'll last you the distance. 

When it comes to this 2023 trend, a metallic version of our Tassel Bag is an absolute must. This timeless camera bag is perfect for all occasions, especially if you’re looking for a handbag that’ll take you from day to night. Wear the Tassel Bag on your shoulder, or across the body whilst on the go, and it has just the right amount of room for everything you need. Pack your purse, keys, mobile phone and cosmetics before you leave the house, and you’ll know they are safe and secure in your ultra-stylish metallic handbag. Choose from the gold leather or pewter Tassel Bag, and one of our favourite features of this handbag is its multitude of bag straps. Opt for a gold chain to elevate your outfit even more, or keep it casual with our various options of bag straps at Apatchy, from plain to patterned bag straps, you’re guaranteed to find one that you love.

So, there you have it! Our complete guide to the biggest handbag trends to look out for in 2023. This year is a great year for handbags, with an array of fashionable trends in the limelight. From oversized handbags, for some stylish practicality, to show-stopping metallic handbags. You’re guaranteed to find the perfect new accessory for you, start by browsing our collection of luxury leather handbags at Apatchy and find your newest on-trend handbag in 2023. 

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