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Article: How to gift wrap a Ladies leather handbag

The Black Leather Crossbody Tassel Handbag with latte stripe strap

How to gift wrap a Ladies leather handbag

When it comes to choosing the perfect gift for your loved ones, a great handbag is always a good choice. There is a handbag for every occasion, and they come in a variety of different sizes, styles, and colours. So, when you’re shopping for the perfect handbag, you’re bound to find something that is ideal, with that special person in mind. However, as the important occasion fast approaches, it can sometimes be difficult to beautifully wrap a ladies’ handbag.

They can seem like a tricky item to gift wrap, but to maintain the magic of your special gift, you will want to know how to wrap a handbag to perfection. We have created our guide to wrapping a ladies' handbag beautifully, so you can give that gift to a special someone on any occasion, without worrying about not being able to gift wrap it to perfection.

"The manner of gifting is worth more than the gift"

Gift Wrapping Handbags For Every Occasion

Shopping for gifts for any occasion can sometimes be difficult as you may not know what you want to purchase, or perhaps you aren’t sure what the best gift for a specific occasion might be. Handbags are always a great choice for gifting, and they are perfect for any occasion. From Valentine's Day to anniversaries, and congratulations, or just if you want to treat someone special. By purchasing a ladies' leather handbag, you are opting for a thoughtful and long lasting gift that is guaranteed to make someone's day. However, is there a perfect way to wrap a ladies' handbag for a special occasion?

Gift Wrapping A Ladies’ Handbag For An Anniversary

Treat your special someone to a ladies’ handbag for an unforgettable Anniversary gift. If you have an upcoming anniversary to celebrate, and you’re unsure what to purchase for your significant other, opt for a special handbag and they’re guaranteed to love it! 

We suggest that you choose a soft, drawstring bag to gift wrap your handbag for an anniversary. It gives the gift an extra luxe feel, and adds just the right amount of intrigue to what is in the package! You could finish it off by placing the bag into a neutral-toned gift box, and perhaps fill it with some shredded or delicate tissue paper to add to its elegance. Then, include a sweet note, to give your gift a romantic touch.


When it comes to gift wrapping, we all want to gift wrap our presents to perfection. If you’re wondering what to get your loved ones this year, as part of their very special Valentine's present, opt for a ladies' handbag for special person. 

To begin gift wrapping a ladies’ handbag for Valentine's, choose a gift-box, in just the right size for your chosen handbag. You should line the gift box with colourful tissue paper, to both pad out the gift box and give it some extra decoration. It is also important to check your handbag will fit your chosen gift box, so you can put the lid on the box, and then finish your festive gift wrap with a tied ribbon, and bow. Make sure to add a name label or note. 

Gift Wrapping A Ladies’ Handbag For A Birthday

Whether you are shopping for a milestone birthday, or simply the upcoming birthday of a special person or loved one, there is always a handbag for the occasion. 

We recommend a gift box for the perfect birthday gift. However, when it comes to a funky birthday present, you might want to consider wrapping the gift in a zany printed birthday gift wrap - and add a large bow on the top. Choose a birthday card that reflects your relationship with the recipient perfectly, and write a few words to describe how much they mean to you.

How To Wrap Different Styles Of Ladies’ Handbags

Choosing a great handbag to give your loved one on a special occasion is always a good idea. However, you might be wondering how to wrap a certain style of handbag. Have you purchased a crossbody bag for that special someone? Or a shoulder bag without a long strap? Do you plan on adding bag straps to your gift?

These are the best ways to wrap some different styles of handbags, and additions, to prevent any worries before you give your special gift.

 How To Gift Wrap A Shoulder Bag 

The shoulder bag is a timeless staple in any wardrobe. If you’ve treated a lucky person to a new shoulder bag for a special occasion, you might be wondering how to gift wrap it. For any bag, there is always the option to decide between a gift box, gift bag, or gift wrap. Which one you choose may depend on the occasion or the size of the bag.

Step 1. Choose A Gift Box, Gift Bag, Or Gift Wrap

You might prefer to choose a gift box to wrap your gift. However, if you can’t find the perfectly shaped gift box, gift wrap will also work! You could also choose to use a gift bag, or a luxe drawstring bag will go down a treat - so it is up to you!

Step 2. Make Sure The Shoulder Bag Fits The Gift Wrap

The key to a perfectly gift-wrapped handbag is to ensure that the bag fits its gift box, bag, or gift wrap. Making sure that your gift wrap accommodates the gift before trying to wrap it will save you a lot of time, and stress. It is also more likely that your gift will be wrapped well if your carefully picked gift wrap fits the handbag perfectly.

Step 3. Gift Wrap With Care

No matter if you’ve chosen a box, bag or gift wrap, carefully placing and packing the special handbag into its gift wrap is a crucial part of perfectly gift wrapping a ladies’ handbag. Lay it in carefully, and don’t forget to correct any creases in the wrapping paper before sticking it down!

Step 4. Make Sure To Decorate

What will give your gift the wow factor is some lovely bows, ribbons, a card and more. So, if the handbag is a Christmas gift, make sure you pick up some festive gift decorations and accessories to make your gift even more special. Whatever the occasion, there are an array of gift decoration and accessories to choose from, so make sure you pick something up!

How To Gift Wrap A Crossbody Bag

The crossbody bag is perhaps one of the most daunting bags to wrap. Its long, across-the-body strap might make you wonder where it's all going to go! However, gift wrapping a crossbody bag is much easier than you might think.

Step 1. Roll Or Detach The Crossbody Strap:

First, you should detach the cross-body strap from the bag and roll it neatly into a more compact size. If the strap does not come off, just roll it toward the main part of the bag, as neatly as you can.

Some crossbody bags come with their strap already detached and rolled, making your job a lot easier!

Step 2. Lay Your Crossbody Bag On The Wrapping Paper

You should lay the crossbody bag onto the wrapping paper, ensuring that you are cutting off a sufficient amount of wrapping paper to cover the entirety of the bag. This will help ensure that your gift is wrapped neatly.

Step 3. Fold Your Wrapping Paper Carefully:

This is the most important part of gift wrapping your crossbody bag! Fold the wrapping paper around your crossbody bag carefully, making sure to eliminate any wrinkles in the paper. 

Stick down the wrapping paper as you go, so it doesn’t crinkle.

Step 4. Finish Off Your Gift Wrap With Some Accessories: 

Choose some gift accessories that suit the occasion that you are gifting for. Whether that be, bows, ribbons, or other accessories.


How To Add Bag Straps To Your Gift & Gift Wrap Them

A great addition to your gift is some interchangeable bag straps! They are the perfect way to customise a leather bag, so there is some duality in the ways you can wear it. If you’re purchasing a special handbag for a friend or relative, adding a bag strap to their gift is an excellent way to let them customise their new handbag, whilst being able to wear it with its original strap. 

If you’re hoping to gift wrap some bag straps for a special occasion, a small gift bag would be a lovely way to present them. Perhaps, add some tissue paper, and a small bow. 

There is a selection of options when it comes to gift wrapping a handbag for a special occasion. Whether you’ve opted for a gift bag, box, or wrapping paper, adding some themed accessories, like festive ribbons, or a big birthday bow is always a good idea to make your gift wrap extra special. For special occasions, or just because, shopping for ladies’ handbags is a sure way to make a loved one’s day!

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