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Article: 5 Luxury Handbag Gift Ideas For Your Partner

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5 Luxury Handbag Gift Ideas For Your Partner

We know it can sometimes be difficult to decide what gift to get your partner for an upcoming special occasion. However, when it comes to gifting, choosing a luxury handbag is always a good idea. By purchasing a great quality gift for your partner, you are giving them a long-lasting accessory that they can use daily! So, it’s a great choice. 

No matter what your partner’s preferences are when it comes to their accessories, you’re guaranteed to find a handbag that suits them with so many different styles of handbags available. Whether they love big and bold handbags, micro-bags, or purses in a muted tone, choosing the perfect handbag for them will put a smile on their face. So, we’ve put together the top 5 best luxury handbag gift ideas for your partner so that you can find them something extra special for that upcoming occasion.

Choose The Tassel Bag

Our go-to luxury handbag gift idea, here at Apatchy, is the Tassel Bag. This timeless camera bag is the ultimate addition to any wardrobe, making it the perfect gift for your partner. Made in Italy, the Tassel Bag is made from supple-grained pebble leather, and the bag is fully lined. It’s ultra-fashionable, with gold hardware and a stylish leather tassel, and with the option of receiving the handbag in a luxury gift box, your partner is guaranteed to love it. 

This handbag is a great choice for your loved one, as it’s available in an array of different colours, ranging from black leather to denim blue, lilac, and more. Additionally, the Tassel Bag has multiple options of bag straps, with some even being patterned. So, you can choose a handbag that suits your partner’s style, and you could even elevate your gift and add a sense of personalisation by choosing an additional bag strap or two for the Tassel Bag from our bag strap collection.

We love the style of this camera bag, and it’s perfect for all occasions, so it’ll effortlessly take your loved one from day to night. With this stylish accessory able to be worn over the shoulder or across the body, your partner will be able to style their new luxury gift in multiple ways. 

Choose The Paddy Bag

Another great luxury handbag gift that you could purchase for your partner is the Paddy Bag. This lust-worthy handbag makes for a really special gift, with an immediate wow factor when you open its luxury gift box. 

If your partner favours neutral tones, opt for a Paddy Bag in a latte, chestnut, or ecru, or for someone who loves a pop of colour, choose lemon, or even lilac! This leather handbag also features a chain strap which adds a luxe feel to any outfit. Treat your partner to the Paddy and add a new luxury handbag with a structured silhouette to their collection. Its padded finish balances the bag’s proportions perfectly, making it an ideal clutch bag to hold, whilst also being a great shoulder bag to carry.

Choose The Tori Tote

The Tori Tote is the perfect luxury gift for someone who is looking out for the ideal daily handbag for their partner. The oversized style of this handbag is a stylish take on the everyday tote bag, and it has a sleek look with its structured silhouette that makes the Tori pull any outfit together.

If you’re planning to choose a special gift for your partner for an upcoming occasion, the Tori is a great option. This handbag is ultra-spacious, so if they are in need of the ultimate day-to-day accessory, to take on the commute, into the office, or to simply run errands, they’re guaranteed to be able to fit everything they need into this handbag. You can choose from two timeless colours when it comes to the Tori Tote, either stone or black leather, and with both handbag colours bound to match endless combinations in your partner’s wardrobe, it’ll be a luxury handbag gift that they love. 

Choose The Margot Bag

This luxury handbag is the perfect gift idea if you would like to purchase a truly unique new accessory for your partner. The Margot Bag has a softly rounded shape which features a chic knot design that will rest stylishly, and comfortably, on your partner's shoulder. 

The Margot will make a bold statement with any outfit. The supple buttery leather of the Margot Bag is guaranteed to be a luxe addition to your partner’s wardrobe.

Choose The Mila Bag

If your partner finds mini-bags irresistible, it’s a sure bet to choose the Mila for them. It’s the perfect size to carry just enough, and its dainty gold chain strap goes with any outfit. Find this little handbag in our phone bag collection, alongside a selection of other micro-bags that your partner is sure to love. 

The colours in the Mila collection are perfect for this luxury handbag to become a staple in your partner’s wardrobe, with colours from olive, stone, to tan, that’ll definitely go with endless colour combinations in their wardrobe. The detachable strap makes this micro-accessory into a lovely little clutch for any occasion too, so your partner will be able to wear the Mila in a variety of ways. 

So, those are our top luxury handbag gift ideas when it comes to giving your partner something special. We know it can be hard shopping for your significant other, but you can’t go wrong with a new accessory. Whether they are in need of the perfect handbag to wear with their evening-wear, or an everyday handbag to carry their daily essentials, purchasing your loved one a special handbag is guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

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